National Health Service (NHS)

Australia’s National Health Service (NHS) is known as Medicare and is administered by the Health Insurance Commission. Medicare ensures that all Australians and eligible residents have access to free or low cost medical, optometrical and hospital care while being free to choose private health services and in special circumstances allied health services.

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The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS)

The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) provides all Australian residents and eligible overseas visitors affordable and reliable access to prescribed medicine in Australia.

Through the PBS system, the Australian Government subsidises the cost of most prescription medicines to ensure affordability for all Australians.

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Private Prescriptions

In some cases your doctor may prescribe a medicine that is not subsidised by the PBS and you will be required to pay the full cost of your prescription.

Your doctor may suggest a private prescription if they believe there is no suitable medicine for you available on the PBS. If you have private health insurance, your fund may rebate part or all of the cost of private prescriptions.

Friendlies members may be entitled to 25 per cent off the private prescription price.

Concession Entitlements

Pensioners, Health Care and Veteran Affairs card holders are considered as Concession card holders in Australia and are entitled to more subsidised prescriptions.

Some concession card holders may incur surcharges when choosing more expensive medicinal brands. To avoid extra costs concession card holders can select a ‘generically’ equivalent medicine.

PBS Safety Net

The PBS Safety Net is an additional method by which the Australian government helps to subsidise the cost of medicines. For those who require a high number of prescription medications throughout the year, PBS medication purchases can be recorded and counted towards a set threshold. Once the Safety Net threshold is reached, prescription prices are further subsidised for the remainder of the calendar year.

Our pharmacy's computer program automatically records your prescriptions for Safety Net purposes. For added convenience and safety, we can also file your prescriptions with our ‘Scripts on File’ service.

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