What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy simply means therapy using aromas, ‘essential oils’ extracted from various botanical plants.

Essential oils provide many therapeutic benefits experienced by inhalation or by absorption through the skin.

Aromatherapy oils are highly concentrated and usually need to be diluted in a base oil, cream, water or other dispersing agent.

Aromatherapy oils can be used in a variety of ways and products for wellbeing including:

  • Massage
  • Bath
  • Vaporiser
  • Inhalation
  • Cream
  • Perfume
  • Room sprays

Aromatherapy oils are verified for authenticity and efficacy by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of Australia to ensure they are of therapeutic quality. Essential oils bearing an ‘AUST L’ number signifies they are Australian Listed with the TGA and therefore safe, assured of integrity and quality.

Aromatherapy Products 

You will find all your aromatherapy needs at Friendlies Chemist Subiaco, WA.

Our selection of quality brands are backed by advice from professional natural therapists. Our naturopaths can formulate creams, massage and body oils made to order.

With some aromatherapy knowledge and advice you can also create your own unique blends at home. We stock bottles and jars for storing your personal aromatherapy creations.

Our latest innovative product range includes a convenient all-in-one diffuser, ionizer, humidifier, air purifier and night lamp, in a choice of two stylish designs. Ideal for creating an ambient and aromatic environment in the workplace, children’s rooms and within the home, our diffusers are safe and effective with a built-in safety switch providing a secure alternative to other electric and candle operated vaporizers. Aroma diffusers available in our online shop coming soon.

Quality Brands

In Essence

At Friendlies Chemist Subiaco we have the full aromatherapy range from In Essence, a leading Australian aromatherapy brand.

In Essence single essential oils are available for those seeking a particular fragrance or therapeutic quality, along with ready-made blends providing benefits such as relaxation and concentration. Creams, roll-ons, body care, skin care, candles and room fragrances also form part of the In Essence range, each utilising pure essential oils for wellbeing.

We also supply In Essence aromatherapy accessories such as vaporizers, tea-light candles, blending bottles and convenient storage boxes.

In Essence product range available in our online shop coming soon.


Friendlies Chemist Subiaco is a leading stockist in Perth of popular skincare brand Jurlique, including a beautiful aromatherapy range. The range includes single and combination essential oil blends and bath and body oil blends.

All of Jurlique products utilize organic and biodynamic ingredients, and include a range of high quality aromatherapy oils.

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