Herbal Medicines

Herbal Medicines

Herbal medicine is a therapy used to help organs and systems of the body to function optimally. Many herbal formulations for common health complaints are available in tablet form. We stock leading practitioner and retail brands with a wide selection of single herb and combination herb remedies for a variety of benefits.

With such a variety of products on offer, it can be overwhelming knowing where to start and how to select what is the most appropriate remedy for you. Speak with one of our naturopaths today to determine the most appropriate and safe remedy for your needs.

Liquid herbals, or tonics are prepared as a personal remedy through consultation. Our naturopathic consultants tailor herbal tonics to suit the individual needs of each client. These herbals are one of the most effective ways to deliver fast and effective health results and can treat multiple symptoms or conditions in one formula. Our consultants only use the best quality herbs in order to maximise health benefits.

Herbs that are used in-store include:

Albizia  Crataeva  Ladies Mantle  Ribwort
Andrographis  Dandelion Leaves  Lavender  Rosemary
Arnica  Dandelion Root  Lemon Balm  Saffron
Astragalus  Devil's Claw  Licorice  Sage
Baical Skullcap  Dong Quai  Manuka  Saw Palmetto
Barberry  Echinacea  Maritime Pine  Schisandra
Bearberry  Elder Flowers  Marshmallow Root  Shatavari
Bilberry  Euphorbia  Meadowsweet  Shepard's Purse
Black Cohosh  Eyebright  Mexican Valerian  Siberian Ginseng
Black Walnut Hulls  False Unicorn  Motherwort  Skullcap
Bladderwrack  Fennel  Mullein  Squaw Vine
Blood Root  Fenugreek  Myrrh  St John's Wort
Boneset  Fe-Max Iron Tonic  Nettle Leaf  St Mary's Thistle
Bugleweed  Gentian  Nettle Root  Thuja
Bupleurum  Ginger  Nigella  Thyme
Burdock  Ginkgo Biloba  Oats Seed  Tienchi Ginseng
Butcher's Broom  Globe Artichoke  Olive Leaves  Tribulus
Calendula  Goat's Rue  Paeonia  Tumeric
Californian Poppy  Golden Seal  Passionflower  Valerian
Cat's Claw  Gotu Kola  Pau D'arco  Vervain
Celery Seed  Gravel Root  Pelargonium  Wild Yam
Chamomile  Greater Celandine  Peppermint  Withania
Chaste Tree  Gymnema  Poke Root  Yarrow
Cinnamon Quills  Hawthorn Berries  Prickly Ash  Zizyphus
Clivers  Hemidesmus  Qing Hao  Zymin
Codonopis  Horopito  Raspberry Leaves  
Coleus  Horsechestnut  Rehmannia  
Cramp Bark  Korean Ginseng  Rhodiola  

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