Brain Fog and Mental Fatigue

Brain Fog and Mental Fatigue

Struggling to find that word? Can’t think clearly? Improve your mental performance by investing in your health.

Brain fog around 11am or 2 – 3pm, may coincide with a blood sugar low. Your brain requires a steady source of fuel (glucose) to function effectively, particularly during intense mental activity and stress. High sugar foods place the body on a blood sugar roller-coaster and predispose to blood sugar lows with mental fatigue.

The quality of the fats in the diet, directly impacts on the quality of brain cell membranes. The essential fatty acids, omega 3 and 6 nourish cell membrane integrity to support smoother communication between cells and mental clarity. Omega 3 and 6 needs to be obtained through the diet in foods such as oily fish, avocado, extra virgin olive oil, raw nuts and seeds.

Exercise increases blood flow and fuel supply to the brain. Regular exercise nourishes the brain and protects against the damaging effects of stress. Ensure you remain well hydrated, dehydration affects
memory and mental performance.

Power up the brain with a diet rich in iron, magnesium, zinc, vitamins B1, B5, B6, B12 and folate. These are essential for the production of neurotransmitters involved in memory, learning and concentration. Bacopa, gingko biloba and korean ginseng are amazing herbal medicines that cross from blood to brain and support mental alertness. Herbal medicines may also help offset the effects of hormonal decline on concentration and focus.

Written by Natalie Elliott
Published 20/08/2011

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