Cold Catchers

Cold Catchers

Our immune system is constantly bombarded. Colds, allergies, skin rashes, & low energy are common signs that our immune system needs a helping hand.

A diet and lifestyle that supports a healthy immune system should include a wide variety of colourful vegetables, fruits, healthy oils, balanced carbohydrates and proteins.

Our body also relies on good daily sleep to recover from our everyday lives we busily throw ourselves into. Where can we start? As the days grow shorter, we may become less exposed to a daily dose of Vitamin D required to fight off infections. It is also an important vitamin that can help regulate our sleep/wake cycle. An early morning or late afternoon walk in the sun can do wonders.

Ginger a versatile herb; its zesty hot flavour acts like a natural paracetamol, promoting perspiration, ‘sweating’ feverish conditions away. It increases circulation, improving the body’s capability of delivering essential nutrients to boost the immune system.

Zinc is essential in creating immune cells. Increasing foods such as pepitas, beef, oysters and sesame seeds are a good start. Garlic a potent natural antibiotic; used fresh its medicinal ingredients mop up microbes, great in cooking but its benefits can easily be destroyed. For those averse to its taste, it can be taken in easy to swallow capsules.

Diet, lifestyle, herbal remedies and acupuncture canmake a big difference to your body’s ability to fight
infection and keep on top of your health.

Written by Adele Plumridge (Naturopath & Acupuncturist)
Published 11/06/2011

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