Could You Have Post Viral Syndrome?

Could You Have Post Viral Syndrome?

Post viral syndrome is a condition that occurs after a viral infection leaving an individual feeling flat and fatigued anywhere from a few weeks to a few years after initial infection. The most common viruses to cause this problem are Glandular Fever and Ross River Virus. Often individuals are unaware of ever having had the illness and only become aware from retrospective blood tests.

After infection, individuals regularly complain of ongoing lethargy often coupled with swollen glands which can flare up significantly at onset of any other infection, or when feeling run down. Natural medicine has plenty to offer in the case of post viral syndrome and can often significantly reduce symptoms even when infection occurred a long time ago.

Compounds such as the extract of reishi and shitake mushrooms are often useful for improving symptoms, along with lymphatic or immune system specific herbs such as Echinacea, Clivers and Phytolacca.

Digestive health is also imperative to recovery as the gut contains approximately 75% of our immune system. Liquid herbal tonics are often the most useful way of taking these herbs as absorption tends to be best. Under consultation with a naturopath, tonics can be tailor made to individuals’ specific requirements and symptoms, and are often the quickest way to recovery.

Written by Sarah Durack
Published 30/10/2010

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