Feeling Dizzy?

Feeling Dizzy?

If you have been feeling light-headed or dizzy, consider when and how it occurs to best manage it. Does it occur mid-morning or afternoon? Drops in blood sugar can cause light-headedness that quickly resolves  with a little food. Stabilise blood sugar swings by avoiding high sugar foods and consuming a moderate  amount of protein with every meal.

Dizziness while standing or exercising may indicate low iron stores, a common condition among women,
children and adolescents. I find this responds well to Floradix, a low dose liquid iron supplement. Some medications can cause dizziness especially those for blood pressure.

If experiencing occasional light-headedness upon standing or sitting upright and you are relatively young and healthy, adrenal support with herbal medicine may benefit. Adrenals are the organs responsible for adapting the body to stress. A stressed body can affect our reflexes and result in temporary giddiness.

If experiencing the sensation of your surroundings, body or head moving; this is differentiated as vertigo. It may be caused by a middle ear condition, particularly if the vertigo is present while remaining still. However, there are other causes of vertigo and along with persistent dizziness, should be investigated by your medical practitioner.

Written by Natalie Elliott
Published 11/12/2010

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