Low Libido

Low Libido

A low libido is a common health issue that can cause considerable distress and relationship difficulties. A complex issue, a low sexual desire can be the manifestation of a neurotransmitter or hormonal imbalance, which may be corrected with natural therapies.

The neurotransmitter (nervous system messenger) dopamine is a critical factor behind sexual desire. Dopamine controls those nerve circuits in the brain responsible for motivation, reward, behaviour, mood and pleasure. Stress can deplete dopamine levels resulting in a low libido. Depressed dopamine levels may
also contribute to anxiety, melancholy and poor motivation.

Nutrients and herbal medicine can reduce the impact of stress, support dopamine levels and thus your libido. Key herbs include Withania, Gingko Biloba, Chaste Tree, St John’sWort and Korean Ginseng. Professional guidance is strongly recommended with their usage. The production of dopamine requires good nutrition and adequate levels of the amino acid tyrosine, iron, folate, zinc, magnesium, B2, B3 and B6.
During stressful periods these are at risk of becoming depleted, exacerbating a low dopamine reserve.

Exercise has been shown to be essential for stress management and will frequently benefit dopamine levels and a low libido.

Written by Natalie Elliott
Published 13/11/2010

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