Poor Quality Sleep?

Poor Quality Sleep?

Sleep problems affect many individuals at different stages in their lives due to varying contributing factors.
The tiredness that results can be extremely debilitating on both a mental and physical level.

Chinese medicine practitioners have known for hundreds of years that certain times of the night are associated with healing and repair of particular body systems. This idea has only recently been confirmed by western research. In individuals who wake consistently at a particular time, it is important to assess the function of the system associated with their time of waking. For example, 1-3am is considered the time when the liver is repairing. There may not be a major liver problem, but by cleansing and improving liver function a positive impact can be made on sleep quality.

For many people stress plays a huge role in sleep deficiencies and it is important to address this. Some of the most effective herbs to use if sleep onset and maintenance are issues include Zizyphus,  Passionflower, Magnolia, Lemon Balm and Valerian. The quality of these herbs is important, as some
compounds do not contain enough of the active ingredients to have an effect.

For many women sleep can become an issue at menopause as hot flushes cause constant disturbance through the night. If this is the problem, the hormones need to be addressed first before relaxant herbs are likely to be effective. Herbal sleeping formulas do not act like over the counter sleeping tablets. It may take
a few weeks before the benefits are seen, so talk to our naturopaths about which formula may be best suited to you.

Written by Sarah Durack
Published 17/04/2010

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